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The scope of services provided by Attica Movers has evolved over a period of time with its growth and expansion in the relocation industry. Today we have grown above competition to serve all the demands and needs of our customers within the scheduled time frame. We are able to achieve our goals because of the infrastructure, manpower, trucking fleet, packing services and statutory service providers. Together we are able to fulfill the requirements of all our customers based on priority.

Attica Movers relocation service Infrastructure and service architecture Customer benefits
Trucking fleet Most advanced technology based. Capable of carrying huge volume of cargo across long distances. Ability to work under extreme weather conditions. Near zero maintenance over extended period of time. Most fuel efficient in nature. As a customer you get the direct benefit of fuel efficiency in the form of cheap transport rates. AS indirect benefit you can avoid the reflection of overhead charges in your cargo movement invoices.
Professional packers Utilization of most sophisticated packing materials and methods for all size and volume of household cargo. Your cargo gets categorized by professionals before packing. You can be assured of best dimensional packing. Utilization of custom sized boxes for ensuring optimum stacking procedures.
Documentation Complete management of statutory and documentation procedures. You get hassle free shipments clearances at customs, taxes, insurance and other statutory bodies. You can also access the benefits of tax exemptions when you are shifting your residential cargo under sponsorship from your organization.
Experienced drivers  They can handle all the dynamic route optimization methods. Have the experience of working in all the states across the width and length of US. You get the best of time scheduling with fast moving trucks.

Attica Movers – Efficiency of Service



Service efficiency of Attica Movers depends on the infrastructure and manpower. We are capable of bring you the best of shipment options from any corner in US to any other corner without any visible delays in shipments. Our team is capable of handling any kind of unexpected emergencies within the shortest span of time. We are able to do it because of our complete utilization of technology based systems.

• Communication is one of the key elements of cargo shipment services. Our trucks are installed with the latest tools. You will be able to get regular updates about the cargo tracking from the start to the unloading stage.

• The same technology is used by our truck drivers for finding the most optimized routes to the destination from their current position. They will also be able to calculate the required speed if they are to reach the destination within the specific time. Based on this you will be able to make the arrangements for cargo unloading schedule at the destination.