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Attica Movers Truck capacity Features Customer benefits
 Long distance hauling   Well built tucks with advanced technology. Best fuel efficiency.  Cost per mile for the cargo is minimized with Attica Movers moving trucks.
 Vehicle maintenance  Preventive and preemptive maintenance of Attica Movers trucks ensure long life without breakdown.  The overheads of maintenance and repair are eliminated from your quote and invoice. This is an added cost saving feature from Attica Movers.
 Regular updates to mechanical moving parts.  Ensures transportation efficiency and improves speed.  Your shipments can reach destination faster than ever before. You are able to balance your time schedule.
 High tech communication equipment  Utilized for cargo tracking (GPS), Map search and route optimization.  Attica Movers can provide the relocation shipping services to any corner of the US with literally zero limitations. 


The simple table shown above gives you some important hints about how we organize the trucking fleet and deliver the timely shipments. As a customer you get the best of rates with timely shipment delivery.

Moving Containers – maximum load & Volume


• The moving containers at Attica Movers are designed to carry maximum load and volume within its space. You will be able to plan your cargo loading and stacking based on the net volume of shipment you have. The space allocation plan ensures maximum possible load within the minimum space.

• Optimization procedures are evolved by our experts for efficient usage of container space. We offer varying dimension and volume of containers depending on your shipment size. You can opt for added cost saving by choosing between FCL and LCL shipments. The first model is suggested when you have full container load. The second model called the less container load offers benefits of consolidated shipping for more than one customer (who is obviously moving to the same location as yours). Using this procedure your costs will come down by considerable extent.

Attica Movers – Container Size

The increase in the number and dimensions of containers on trucks (as show above) indicates a certain positive growth in truck transport services. At Attica Movers we provide the most efficiently designed containers. All our cargo can fit into a single container, depending on the stacking procedures.

• The quality of containers in the market today is certainly higher than the previous versions. At Attica Movers we take up the best of them through regular bidding.

• After we have taken possession of the container (lease/buy) we make all the required modifications as required by your shipment needs. With the proper cooling, thermal absorption and UV reflecting properties, our containers provide the best of transit storage facilities. All our containers are constructed for absolute protection from fire, accidents, natural disasters and other types of damages to your precious cargo. Our experts at Attica Movers are well experienced in container maintenance services which we perform at regular intervals.